What Is WSFEE?

WSFEE Brings Together Parents, Teachers, And The Community To Enhance The Education Of District 101 Students.

WSFEE is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization seeking to enhance the education of District 101 students. WSFEE’s Board Members are District 101 parents who raise funds through special events and solicitations in the community and allocate those funds to support grants submitted by teachers, administrators, parents, and students. WSFEE helps bring to life the ideas that people talk about on the playground to benefit District 101 students.

Our Mission

Enhancing District 101 Education

WSFEE’s Mission is to acquire and distribute financial and other resources for the benefit of Western Springs’ District 101 educational programs, projects and products that will extend and enhance the quality and depth of education, and provide students with unique learning opportunities.

It is intended that WSFEE will operate independently from the District 101 School Board and its normal budgetary process.