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Laidlaws Sensory Toolkits and Hallways

Hallways & Toolkits are providing Laidlaw Elementary School students with tools to respond to their individual processing systems. These creations of Sensory Hallways & Toolkits are improving their

students’ classroom engagement and overall self-regulation. These movement paths and sensory items provide a welcome break during the school day, offering the additional movement opportunities to burn off energy, increase availability for learning and increase alertness. The Laidlaw Sensory Committee, made up of administration, teachers, occupational therapists, and Student Services representatives, assist all Laidlaw students in Grades K-5 to the Sensory Hallways & Toolkits. There are currently 409 students enrolled at Laidlaw, making up 41% of District 101 elementary school enrollment. Individual students in need of more opportunities for movement beyond what is currently provided in the general education classroom is bringing much success to the school.

All Abilities Fair:

This fair is for D101 students to gain a greater understanding of some of the challenges and struggles that classmates who have a disability face daily. It creates disability awareness and empowerment, while inspiring students to practice kindness, inclusivity, and compassion as they learn about several disabilities with hands-on experience. This grant is for the 2024 Fair.

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