[gva_block_heading title=”You can help raise funds for WSFEE just by attending…” subtitle=”Fundraising Events”]WSFEE raises funds for its Mission through solicitations, sponsors and a variety of fundraisers. Each year, either a Dinner Dance & Auction or a Golf & Tennis Outing is held for District 101 parents, teachers and administrators to help fund initiatives for the future.[/gva_block_heading]
[gva_image_content title=”Golf & Tennis Outing” background=”622″ style=”style-2″ link=”https://www.wsfee.org/events/golf-tennis-outing/”]The Golf & Tennis Outing is typically on “odd” years in April or May, and is a great opportunity for all golfers and tennis players to enjoy the day out and end the evening with cocktails, dinner, live music and a raffle.[/gva_image_content]
[gva_image_content title=”Dinner Dance & Auction” background=”623″ style=”style-2″ link=”https://www.wsfee.org/events/dinner-dance-auction/”]The Dinner Dance & Auction is typically on “even” years in April and features cocktails, dinner, music, and live and silent auctions with something for everyone.[/gva_image_content]