Who can submit a grant application?

Anyone within District 101, including parents, students, teachers, and administrative staff, can submit a Grant Application.

When is WSFEE’s grant window open for applications?

September 1 to April 30th of each school year. WSFEE Board Members consider and make final decisions on grants on an ongoing basis during the grant window.

Should I talk with my home school principal before starting a grant application?

Yes. Your home school principal is the best start for determining if your BIG IDEA is a good fit for the students and school from the standpoints of potential time, space, staff commitment, and/or alignment with District 101 curriculum.

Should I talk with the principals or parent-teacher groups at the other schools before starting a grant application?

It’s encouraged. Your home school principal may have suggestions of whom you should contact at the other schools. WSFEE encourages partnering with as many other schools as practicable on your Grant Application so that a grant will reach as many District 101 students as possible. Additionally, you may want to explore expense sharing between school/District 101 budgets, parent groups, and/or participation fees. Also, you may learn that another school has tried something similar and has advice on how to best promote or implement your BIG IDEA.

Are there items WSFEE cannot fund?

Yes. WSFEE operates independently from the District 101 School Board and its normal budgetary process. To maintain this independence, WSFEE will not fund the following:

  • Teacher stipends
  • Transportation
  • Capital improvements to any part of the District’s physical facilities
  • Refreshments that are ancillary to the program’s purpose
  • Established curriculum pieces that would fall under the auspices of the District

What is WSFEE looking for in a grant?

WSFEE seeks ideas that extend and enhance the quality of education and provide students with expanded learning opportunities to address educational or social areas with deficiencies and inspire and engage District 101 students. A grant application should demonstrate that the requested funding is proportionate to the number of schools/students the grant will reach.

WSFEE favors grants that reach as many schools and students as possible or, if initially limited, have the potential to reach more students in the future. Another consideration is whether a proposed grant has the potential for lasting, continued benefits well after the funding period. Learn about recent grants WSFEE has funded.

What if I have questions about the grant application or process?

Let us know how we can help. Email WSFEE at grants@wsfee.org or contact any current WSFEE Board Member.

When should I email my grant application and supporting documentation?

As soon as it’s ready. But please note that WSFEE Board Members meet on the second week of every month and at each meeting can only guarantee review of Grant Applications received by the 1st of the meeting month. If you submit a Grant Application after the 1st of the month WSFEE will try its best to review it at that month’s meeting but it may not be considered until the next month’s meeting.

Should I submit my grant application right away even if the grant would not take place until later in the school year?

Yes. If your Grant Application is complete months in advance of when you would need approval, WSFEE encourages you to send it as soon as it’s ready. Advance submissions allow more time for review and potential follow up and also help WSFEE plan its funding for the year. However, please note that each grant must be used within one year of the date of approval.

What if I have a BIG IDEA outside of the grant window?

Don’t worry. We still want to hear from you but your Grant Application will not be considered until the next grant window opens on September 1st.

What happens after I send my grant application?

Your BIG IDEA is in good hands. The WSFEE Grant Committee will review it in depth, identify areas for follow up or clarification, and evaluate it for compliance with WSFEE’s philosophy, goals, objectives, and criteria as stated in our Mission Summary. A Board Member may contact you with questions or ask that you provide additional information.

When will I hear if my grant application is approved?

It depends, but as soon as possible. WSFEE considers and makes decisions on Grant Applications on a rolling basis during the grant window. If your Grant Application and all supporting documentation are sent no later than the 1st of the month during the grant window, it will be considered at the next WSFEE Board/Grant Review Meeting, unless you hear otherwise from a board member. Submissions made after the 1st day of a meeting month may not be considered until the next month’s meeting.

Please note that regardless of when you send it, if your Grant Application involves an opportunity that is complex, seeks substantial funding, or contains areas for follow up which cannot be completed in time for the next board/grant review meeting, WSFEE may not be able to consider your Grant Application until the next month.

Once your Grant Application is reviewed and a final decision is made, a WSFEE Board Member will notify you of a decision within one week.

My grant application was approved, now what?

Don’t wait too long to see your BIG IDEA come to life. Each grant must be used within one year of the date of approval. Receipts for reimbursement should be submitted to the WSFEE Board Treasurer using the Grant Reimbursement Form within two years of the date of approval. After this two-year period has expired, unused funds become unavailable for grant reimbursement and will be deposited into the WSFEE’s Endowment Fund. Any funds received may only be applied to this specific grant.

Let us know how it went. Grant recipients are required to provide feedback on the success of their grants and submit any pictures or videos showing your BIG IDEA in action. If appropriate, the WSFEE Board may require a brief oral presentation and/or written report on the success of your grant. A WSFEE Grant Committee Member will contact you for the requested feedback.

How do I receive the grant funds or get reimbursed?

Send us a completed Grant Reimbursement Form.

WSFEE has funded my grant before, can I apply again for funding?

Yes. Grants that have been applied for and funded on a consistent basis and have become an adjunct part of the curriculum are considered “reoccurring” grants. Assuming that sufficient funds are available and applications are approved by WSFEE Board Members, grants typically can be funded a maximum of 5 times.

If my grant is not approved, can I try again?

Yes. You should email grants@wsfee.org and plan a time to talk with a member of the Grant Committee about how you might revise or enhance your Grant Application before resubmitting it. A Grant Committee Member also will provide feedback on why a grant was not approved initially.