By: Ryan McLaughlin

The elementary physical education program received a grant from WSFEE to buy 100 FitStep pedometers. The pedometers measure our students activity time, steps and Moderate to Vigorus Physical Activity (MVPA). The new pedometers allow our students to understand the difference between steps and “meaningful” steps. To earn “meaningful” steps students must be moving faster than a slow walk. We use our students’ MVPA as a guideline for our teaching and as their participation grade in PE. As our students come into the gym they get their pedometers and start our normal routine.


Over the last couple of months that we have been using the FitStep pedometers we have noticed more engagement from our students. Students are now looking for ways to be more active during PE which has increased the amount of activity time in class and decreased standing and waiting in our classes.

At the end of class, our students upload their data into the computer. This gives them instant feedback and helps them to reflect on their activity level in class.



The FitStep pedometers have been a great addition to our elementary PE program. They have helped us teach the importance of being active while giving our students instant meaningful feedback. Thanks to WSFEE, our students are taking more ownership of their health in PE. 20160210_102100