WSFEE supports unique teacher training experiences and afforded Tori George, Kerry Gibbons, and Nicole McLaughlin from Laidlaw Elementary the opportunity to attend the EdTech Innovation Summit to enhance their technology based teaching methods. Not only were they exposed to engaging and purposeful resources they could utilize in their own classrooms, they became more aware of various STEM practices that could be used in different subject areas and grade levels. Tori, Kerry, and Nicole have since shared this knowledge with the District Leadership Team and presented their findings at the District’s Technology Professional Development Day on October 10th, 2017.

“Thank you so much, WSFEE, for giving us an incredible opportunity. We brought back many resources/strategies that we were able to share with our staff. We are lucky to have such a wonderful organization supporting us and the learning of our students!”  – Tori George, 3rd Grade Teacher at Laidlaw Elementary