WSFEE is enhancing the Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum for kindergartners within District 101 by funding the Learning to Get Along Book Series Grant. The series includes 15 books which provide children the ability to learn, understand, and practice basic social and emotional skills. Each book ends with a section for discussion questions, games, and activities that teachers can use to reinforce what the children have learned. In the classroom kindergartners listen to the stories and then pair up and talk with a buddy about a concept they learned from the book series.

“The kindergarten teachers appreciate the books because the language is developmentally appropriate and the students can relate to the stories. Some of the stories specifically take place in a school setting much like our kindergarten classrooms.”
– Colleen Fera, Kindergarten teacher at Laidlaw Elementary

 “The Learning to Get Along Series focus’ on school readiness behaviors that are the foundation for social/emotional success in the classroom.”
— Colleen Fera, Kindergarten teacher at Laidlaw Elementary