The first WSFEE-Funded District 101 Science Fair for 4th and 5th Graders had excellent participation and attendance. The WSFEE Board was thrilled to receive the following letter from the Fair’s organizers:

June 22, 2015


We would like to thank you, once again, for the Grant Award for the First Annual District 101 Science Fair held April 25, 2015. The fair was a success! Overall, we had 72 fourth and fifth graders participate in this District-wide event, entering 63 projects (23 from Field Park, 12 from Forest Hills, and 37 from Laidlaw). Each school had 1-2 sponsors who guided each student through the scientific process for their projects via individual and group meetings held from December-April. The Fair was judged by high school science teachers from area schools: Benet, Nazareth, LTHS, Kingswood Academy and Whitney Young.

The Laidlaw students set up their projects the day prior and most of the grades came through and were able to see each project and ask the scientists questions on their project. Forest Hills school had a similar viewing for their students. On the day of the fair, the gym was crowded with students, family and friends. In addition, we enjoyed the company of all 3 building principals: Mrs. DeBartolo, Mr. Promisel, and Mrs. Farrell in addition to Mr. Chick from McClure, and Superintendent Barnhart. This event was also covered by the Doings of Western Springs. We had a First, Second and Third place winner for individual projects and 1 group project winner (2 students) totaling 5 students being recognized as having outstanding projects. Each of these students won a year subscription to Muse Magazine, which is an age appropriate scientific and literary magazine. All students received an Honorable Mention ribbon and most received specialized comment cards from their judge.

Every student who participated in the fair was allowed to go on a special field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry to participate in a unique science learning lab – either a chemistry lab or a forensics lab based on availability. This novel field trip was educationally based, but very popular with the students who truly felt rewarded.

In summary, this first annual District 101 Science Fair could not have happened without the financial support of WSFEE. We are so grateful that all 4th and 5th graders were given the opportunity to participate and that a large number from all 3 schools chose to complete a project completely independent of their school work. These students were instructed on advanced level scientific thinking by working through the scientific process of asking a question, guessing on an answer (hypothesis) and designing an experiment to test that hypothesis. These skills will be useful as they continue on in their study of the different scientific disciplines.

Thank you once again for your kind and generous support of our students.


Laura Ozark

Tori George

Denise Enrietti

Annette Quick

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